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The ABC's For First Year Teacher

Admit your mistakes and learn from them.
Be firm but flexible.
Communicate with parents.

Develope a homework policy and stick to it.
Empower your students; don't just lecture to them!
Find time to attend after-school events.

Get to know all the teachers in your school and make friends with the cooks, custodians, and clerk.
Have the courage to try something else if what you are doing isn't working.
Institute a clear discipline policy and enforce it consistently.

Just listen both to what the kids are saying and to what they're not saying.
Keep a journal.
Learn your school's policies and procedures.

Model desired attitudes and behavior.
Non carborundum ignorami. (Don't let the imbeciles wear you down)

Prepare interesting lessons.
Quit worrying and just do your best.
Remember your student's name. The full name.

Stay alert.
Take pictures.
Understand student's trick to make you down.

Volunteer to share project and ideas with other teachers.
Work within your limits.
Xpect the unexpected, and plan for it.

Yell if you need support.
Zero in on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
(Remember nobody is perfect!)

Ini adalah entry edisi buka sekolah. he he he.
Dan bukan saya yang reka, saya ambil dari majalah EP (Ehwal Pendidikan) edisi November.
Penulisnya ialah TS Nor Riha.